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 Holy Orders

There are three layers of practice that exist in Ecclesia Valentinarus Antiqua. The First is the common practice of the Holy Eucharist as experienced by those who come to hear and participate. The second is comprised of the 5 Holy Sacraments. The third layer consists of men and women dedicated to manifesting the body of the church in this world. These orders constitute the academy in which the initiates of the church receive training and teachings in the sacramental practices of the church.  The Minor Orders are as follows: Clericus, commonly called Cleric; Ostiarius, commonly called Doorkeeper; Lector, commonly called Reader; Exorcist; and Acolyte.  The Major Orders are Subdeacon, Deacon, Priest, Bishop, and Archbishop. 

Gnostic Minor Holy Orders
Gnostic Major Orders

The Major Orders have regular duties connected to all our sacraments and the teachings of our tradition.  Deacons and Subdeacons assist Priests and Bishops in sacraments and ecclesiastical ministry in our rites. Priests perform the mass, sacraments and train the clergy in service to the Ecclesia.  Bishops are leaders of jurisdictions, ordain new priests, and convey the higher sacraments. 

To the grade of Clericus is ascribed the observation of the shapes and forms of our tradition. It is the Clericus’ work to keep the physical orderliness and tidiness of the sanctuary, and gain the knowledge how this reflect upon everyday life. To the grade of Ostiarius is ascribed the work of guarding the sanctuary and raising the awareness of our service to all Gnostics by ringing the chapel bell. The guard duty is a guard of concord and fraternal love, to keep all actions that evoke profane emotions away from our work, and gain the knowledge how this reflect upon everyday life. To the office of Lector are ascribed the duties studying and learning the doctrine of our tradition. It is an Order of the mind. The lector will know our teachings and be able to communicate them by the force of the voice. The Exorcist knows our practices and our teachings and are thus armed to dissolve forced that removes the focus of the Church from perpetually researching Gnosis. The Acolyte is men and women who have decided to give themselves to a life of service to Gnosis in general and our Church in particular. The Acolytes are taught in the outer by the priests of the tradition and in their inner being by their Angel.  


Each of our Diocese and Parishes will have different active ministries and classes. These very considering  the culture and location of our Ecclesiastical bodies.  For more information contact the location nearest you and feel free to connect with us via Social media.  Pax Pleroma

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